My customer's order (paid by card) was cancelled but they didn’t get a refund?

Timeline for refunds

Once requested, a card refund is sent immediately from Flipdish to your customer's bank. This refund can take up to 10 working days to arrive onto the customer's card. This delay varies, depending on the bank that issues the customer's card.

If an order is rejected by the store then the customer's card is automatically refunded and no action needs to be taken. 

Payment reversals
If an order is rejected shortly after the payment is made it may come process as a reversal, and not a refund. Typically a reversal will happen when the refund is requested within a few hours of the payment itself.

Basically it means the original charge would 'drop' from the customers bank statement as if it never happened, instead of being credited back at a later date.  The credit for this won't appear as a separate line item on your bank statement.

Depending on the bank, the charge may still show on the statement, but the balance itself would be adjusted.  

If this happens, we recommend you email our customer support team at [email protected] to request a System Trace Audit Number (STAN) number from Flipdish's payment provider. You can then provide the STAN number as proof of refund to your customer, who can then reference this with their bank if they have any follow up queries. 

Ideally, all refund requests must be received in writing by email to [email protected] 

Please note we can only refund orders on your request. Any requests for refunds by your customers (i.e. the end customer) will be directed back to the store in question. 

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