Flipdish has a flexible and fully featured voucher / coupon system. 

You can create, edit & view vouchers via the Flipdish Portal.

There are 2 categories of vouchers

  • Percentage discount voucher E.g. 20% off
  • Lump discount voucher. E.g. €5 off. 

All vouchers can be configured to:

  • Be automatically applied or manually entered by the customer
  • Require a certain minimum spend
  • Be valid on the customer’s first order only 
  • Be valid once only per customer
  • Be valid one time only or be reusable
  • Be valid for cash orders only or card orders only, or valid for both
  • Be valid for collection orders only or delivery orders only, or valid for both
  • Never expire, or expire on a date set by you
  • Include or exclude delivery charges

How to create a new voucher

Percentage Discount Voucher 

Below we show you how to create a voucher that gives customers 10% off orders if you type in a discount code within a certain time period E.g. 10% off any order with code XMAS, valid until December 15th

  1. Click on the Vouchers link and then on the ADD NEW button.

2. Choose the voucher type you want to create (a Percentage discount in this example)

3. Select the stores that you want the voucher to work with

4. Enter the code, description (optional), discount amount and validity period.

5. Set any other optional settings and press create & enable.

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