Please note that you will still receive Flipdish orders even with your printer off. 

You can pause online orders on both the Flipdish Portal and the Flipdish Terminal. Learn how to do it on the Flipdish Terminal here.

You can take your store offline temporarily for collection orders, delivery orders or both via the portal. 

Please visit and click on the Stores tab. Navigate to the store which you wish to close and click on the store hour overrides link. 

Under the 'Quick close' section, click Collection, Delivery or Collection and Delivery and select how long you wish to close for.

You can also close the store for longer periods by using the calendar underneath the Quick Close option. In this sections you have options to:

  • open or close the store

  • Specify Date

  • Specify Collection/delivery

  • Specify Time

  • Allow or disable pre-orde during the closure

You can reopen the store at anytime by clicking on the Reopen button and you can view all the override events in the calendar at the bottom of the page.

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If you need assistance going offline please contact us at [email protected]

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