The Flipdish portal allows you to send instant text based push notifications to all of your customers. If you would like a more powerful push notification system you may like to use Intercom Engage.

Intercom Engage is an optional 3rd party solution which can be used to create automated and ad-hoc in-app messages and push notifications. These messages can include video, images & text and they can be sent to segments of your user base (eg. only to users who have not ordered for 3 weeks).

You can view pricing information for Intercom Engage at

And you can view the Intercom Engage documentation at

And a video on the solution at

Example use cases:

  • Set up an auto-message that will be sent  to all users on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, match days etc. 
  • Set up an auto-message that tells people about your dessert menu the 3rd time they open your app
  • Set up an auto-message that sends people a discount voucher 3 days after they placed their 1st order.
  • Send a manual message to all users who ordered in the last 3 weeks
  • Send a thank you message to people who have ordered more than 20 times

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to use Intercom Engage.

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