The Flipdish portal allows you to send instant text based push notifications to all of your customers. If you would like a more powerful push notification system you may like to use Intercom Engage.

Intercom Engage is an optional 3rd party solution which can be used to create automated and ad-hoc in-app messages and push notifications. These messages can include video, images & text and they can be sent to segments of your user base (eg. only to users who have not ordered for 3 weeks).

You can view pricing information for Intercom Engage at

And you can view the Intercom Engage documentation at

And a video on the solution at

Example use cases:

  • Set up an auto-message that will be sent  to all users on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, match days etc. 

  • Set up an auto-message that tells people about your dessert menu the 3rd time they open your app

  • Set up an auto-message that sends people a discount voucher 3 days after they placed their 1st order.

  • Send a manual message to all users who ordered in the last 3 weeks

  • Send a thank you message to people who have ordered more than 20 times

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to use Intercom Engage.

Events and Properties

Various information on your customers are sent to your Intercom account, which will allow you to segment your users.

These include the following:


 Add item to basket
 Add new card begin
 Add new card done
 Map screen
 Order placed screen
 Order selected
 Payment method selected
 Payments screen
 Phone call
 Phone number screen
 Place order
 Placeorder [store name]
 Previous orders
 Profile screen
 Rate order
 Receive promotions
 Remove card
 Remove item
 Remove item from basket
 Reorder clear and add
 Reorder from history
 Restaurant menu options screen
 Restaurant menu screen
 Share link selected
 Sign out
 Sms code entry successful
 Sms code screen
 Submit phone number button


 Android app version
 Android device
 Android os version
 Android sessions
 Browser language
 Browser version
 Conversation rating
 Enabled push messaging
 First seen
 Has hard bounced
 Intercom id
 Ios app version
 Ios device
 Ios os version
 Ios sessions
 Job title
 Language override
 Last clicked on link in email
 Last contacted
 Last heard from
 Last opened email
 Last seen
 Last seen on android
 Last seen on ios
 Lead category
 Marked email as spam
 Promotions enabled
 Referral url
 Signed up
 Unsubscribed from emails
 User id
 Web sessions


Some content rich push notification examples.

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