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Flipdish retention marketing is a very effective, automated way of encouraging your lapsed customers to reorder.

The system works that if a user has not placed an order within 28 days they'll receive a SMS with a 20% discount voucher code, valid for 3 day(s)

This is to encourage the customer to order again from your restaurant.

Here is an example SMS:

You can customise 3 fields in this feature:

  • The time period i.e. every X days (we recommend using increments of 7 to ensure that the customer gets the retention SMS on the same day they last placed an order)
  • The % discount (20% is the sweet spot - we recommend no less than 10%)
  • The expiry date (these customers are not as active with you, so you may wish to give them slightly more time to use their code e.g. 5 days)

Please contact [email protected] to switch on this feature

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