The Flipdish app uses geolocation technology to determine if customers are within your delivery zones. If customers try to bypass this by scrolling inside your zone and manually entering their address then you may on occasion find yourself receiving an order that is outside of your delivery zone. This is very rare. 

Sometimes customers will move their location pin to a low delivery fee range, then re-type their address which is in the higher cost delivery zone. This is also very rare. 

You can reject these orders from your Flipdish terminal or the portal with reason "UNKNOWN ADDRESS'."  This will send an SMS to the customer telling them that their order was rejected due to delivery address.

Example below:

#763319 Sorry, your order can not be accepted by Mexican Catering as there is an issue with your address or location. Please use the map pin to ensure you’re within our delivery zone.

You can see the delivery location that the customer selected when ordering by clicking the view map link on the order screen.

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