It is easy for your customers to add credit cards to their accounts from either your app or website. 

On App

On your app they will need to select the drop down menu in the top right. Select Payment Methods.

Then choose Add New Card.

Enter your new card details and select Done. If you have any issues with adding a card at this stage, please double check the card details you are entering are correct. 

If your card has been added correctly, you will then see it available for you to use in Payment Methods.

After entering your new card details, you still need to ensure you select this payment method to pay for your online order. If card is correctly chosen as your method of payment, then your card details will appear under Payment Type on the Checkout page. 

On Web

On your website users will have to select Payment Methods.

You will be brought to a new page where you click the red Add Card button the bottom of the screen

and enter in your card details. 

If your card details were successfully added, you should now see the new card display within your Payment Methods

Place your order and on Checkout, choose Pay With Card. If you have multiple cards on file, the last 4 digits of the card will display to allow you to choose your preferred card for that order.

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