If a customer places an order and the order is not accepted by your restaurant within a couple of minutes, then Flipdish automatically phones your restaurant to notify you to accept the order. We also send an SMS to the customer to let them know we are trying to contact the store. This is to help you not miss out on orders.

After the call, if the order is again not accepted by your store then the order will be rejected and refunded. 

The customer will be notified at this stage that the order has been rejected. The reason we do this is so that your customers aren't placing orders and then expecting for the food to be delivered or ready for collection on arrival when it won't be. 

If an order is rejected by the store then the customer's card is automatically refunded and no action needs to be taken. 

The time period is configurable but as standard we set it to notify the restaurant after 4 minutes and reject after 13 minutes.

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