All charges and payments from Flipdish are available for you to view at any time in the old Flipdish Admin Portal

Step 1: Login to your old Flipdish Admin Portal using the same login details as the New Portal

Step 2: Scroll down the page until you see Account YOUR STORE NAME on the left hand menu. Click on this.

A new screen will appear with your Flipdish account, detailing all fee payments to Flipdish, external disbursements (payments) to your store, plus other charges and credits as explained below.

Understanding your Flipdish account 

Think of your Flipdish account as a standalone balance account showing if you are owed money or visa versa. 

Brackets '( )' that appear before an amount indicates your Flipdish account has been debited e.g. (€1.01)

Amounts with no brackets indicate a credit to your Flipdish account .e.g £35.46

Flipdish Account Headers Explained

ID: Transaction Reference Number. Please quote this for any transaction queries

Time: indicates the date a debit or credit was made from your Flipdish account.

Info: Details the type of credit and debit applied to your Flipdish account. These include:

  1. Fees: Fees owed to Flipdish for card and cash transactions for the period outlined in the Description

 2. Tips: If tips are enabled for your restaurant, these will be credited to your account.

3. RestaurantSales: Card sales credited to your Flipdish account for the time period outlined in the Description column

4. Other: This includes, but is not limited to, charges such as:

Your Flipdish Activation Charge (debited from your Flipdish account)

Cash Order Refunds  (credited to your Flipdish account)

Description: Gives a description of the transaction's purpose e.g. Fees 2018-10-08- to 2018-10-14 DEMO Mexican Catering

Invoice: Click on 'Invoice' to view a PDF of the fee invoice for the time period shown

Please note: 

  • When a credit card refund is issued to your customer, the proportionate amount of fees is automatically credited to your account and this is reflected in the final Fees charge we apply. Cash refunds appear as a standalone credit line on your Flipdish account as they are manually applied.
  • If your Flipdish account is not in positive, you will not receive a payment from Flipdish when ExternalDisbursements are due. Usually if your account is showing a minus balance, it is due to your activation costs being applied to your Flipdish account, rather than being paid upfront at the time of signup.
  •  Should a chargeback not be disputed successfully then the sale amount plus a €15 dispute fee will be charged to the Restaurant and Flipdish will refund the Restaurant any fees charged on the order. 

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