Customer Support Opening Hours 

Our Customer Support Team are available to answer your urgent customer questions at the following times:

Monday to Friday and Bank Holidays - 9.00am - 03.00am IST (UTC + 1)

Saturday, Sunday - 12.00pm - 03.00am IST (UTC + 1)

The Flipdish Support Line phone number can be found on your Flipdish Terminal, or you can contact us on these local numbers;

Ireland/EU: +353 1 903 8255
North America: +1 646 666 9625
United Kingdom: +44 20 3826 8960
Spain: +34 932 71 56 26
Netherlands:  +31 40 400 6975
Belgium: +32 2 588 22 10
France: +33 184888896

Germany: +49 30 30809002
USA: +1 646 6669625

***The Flipdish Customer Support Line is exclusively for Flipdish clients and not customers of restaurants.***

If your customer has a query, please call or email [email protected] with their question and we will help you answer them. Please accompany such queries with an Order Number or Mobile Number to help us solve your problem quickly. Screenshots of their issue are also helpful.

To request a menu change, please email our dedicated menu team on [email protected] 

Non-urgent Queries

For non-urgent issues please email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to the most frequently asked questions on our Support Helpdesk.

You can also complete common tasks yourself through your Flipdish Portal, such as updating opening hours, editing delivery zones and issuing card refunds.

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