The Flipdish apps (iOS, Android and Web) have a Google Analytics integration. To enable GA tracking please follow the steps in this article, or email your GA code (UA-XXXXX-X) to [email protected].
Data from all apps  (iOS, Android and Web) will be tracked using the same GA code. It is not possible to send events from different apps to different GA codes.

What types of events are tracked

Page view, UI events (button presses etc) and purchases, including item descriptions and prices, are tracked.

Screenshots of example reports

ECommerce Tracking - Option set items

UI Events

Page / Screen Views

ECommerce views

Why is there a difference between my Google Analytics sales and my Flipdish portal sales?

In some cases Google Analytics sales data will not match your Flipdish sales figures. This is a common issue and can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Google Analytics is not taking into account rejected or refunded orders. Google Analytics is not notified of orders that are rejected by the store
  2. Your Google Analytics tracking code does not always triggered-- some AdBlockers block this Google Analytics events

If you have any further questions, please email the Flipdish Customer Support team on [email protected] 

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