A core design principle at Flipdish is "Don't require the customer to take any un-necessary action in order to make a purchase". This means we remove all possible barriers between them and placing their order. Below explains some of what goes on behind the scenes to do this.


Smart phones and modern browsers have geo-location information available. Where possible, we use this geo-location information to detect the desired delivery location and also to display the closest store for collection.

Store selection

In the case of multi-store setups, we route delivery orders to the closest open store. As we know the location of the store and the desired delivery location, we are able to calculate the best store to fulfil the order and we do not ask the customer to choose from a long list of stores that we know cannot fulfil their order.

Name & Email Address

Many smart phones are able to share the name and/or email address of the customer with an app. We use this when available so that the customer does not need to manually enter their name or email address.

Never ask twice

Once a customer has gone to the trouble of entering their details and submitting them to Flipdish, we don't ask them to do it again and again for each store they order from. This means that if a customer orders from Store A and then downloads an app or uses web-ordering for Store B at a later date, Flipdish does not ask them to log in again, or enter their address or payment details again. This makes it extremely easy for customers who are new to your store but have used the Flipdish platform in the past to place their first order with your store. Information on orders placed by a customer for Store A is not accessible to Store B and Store B will only receive the information submitted by the customer when placing the order at Store B.

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