When will I get paid?
Payments are sent once per week by bank transfer. Payments are sent on Monday unless they fall on an Irish bank holiday, in which case they will be sent on Tuesday. Please allow up to 10 working days for payments to appear in your account, depending on your bank. 

We always do our best to make payments early in the week, unfortunately sometimes there are issues outside of our control, and this is why in your Flipdish contract it says that Flipdish shall initiate a funds deposit to the Restaurant's bank account within 5 working days of the Sales Period.

There is no fee charged by Flipdish for sending bank transfers within the Euro-zone, however your bank may charge for receiving funds. Bank transfers outside the Euro-zone are free for amounts over €100/£100. 

For customers outside the Euro-zone, payment will be held back until the Flipdish account balance has reached £30 (or the equivalent in local currency), with a £3.50 bank transfer charge to the restaurant incurred per transaction. You can elect to have payments withheld until you reach a £100 balance  (or the equivalent in local currency), at which stage the bank transfer will be made at no charge.

If you have not received an expected payment please ensure that your bank account details are correctly applied to your account.

What name should I look for on my bank statement?
You should expect to see the payment arrive from "Flipdish" or "Prandium Ltd".

How much will I get paid?
Every bank transfer made to you is detailed in your Flipdish account, along with details of any refunds, chargebacks, fees charged, activation fees etc. Read more here

I want to change my bank details
If you need to change you bank details, you can do so in the New Portal by following the steps listed here. Alternatively you can email [email protected] from your registered email address with the new details

How much are my fees?
Details of your fees are outlined on page 1 of your contract, as provided to you by your Flipdish sales rep. Fees are exclusive of any applicable VAT rates. Your Flipdish invoices are available for you to download directly from your Old Flipdish Admin Portal at any time.

I haven't got paid, why?
Have you given us your bank details? Did you pay your activation fee upfront? Has your sales balance reached over £30 (UK customers)?

For any queries on payments, please email us directly on [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

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