Login to your Flipdish Portal 

Choose "YOUR STORE NAME", the top option in the left hand menu column.

Scroll down the page until you see  "Download Sales Reports".

Click on the "Items Ordered" button and an excel will automatically download for you.

You can filter the columns in the csv file to review the different menu items ordered. 

The relevant column headers are "MenuItemName" and "MenuSubItem1Name"

Pizza Example

  • In the csv, the column titled "MenuItemName" will tell you the size of the pizza e.g. 10", 12", 16" etc.

  • Beside that, under the column "MenuSubItem1Name", is the name of the pizza e.g. Diablo, Margerita

  • Beside that you will see columns MenuSubItem2Name - MenuSubItem9Name - these are the extra toppings that people are adding to their pizzas e.g chicken, mushrooms, onions, bacon etc

What if I want to see items ordered during a specific time period?

Click on the date line in order to change the time period you wish to view.  

A drop down menu will appear, where you can choose to view sales by a variety of common time periods, or you can enter a specific date period.

To view a particular time period e.g. last 6 months, select Custom Range from the drop down menu and a calendar will appear. Use the calendar to select the start and end dates of the time period you wish to view, and hit apply.  

Your custom date range should now appear in the date line.

Click on the Items Ordered button to download a CSV containing detailed items ordered data for the time period selected. 

Need to automate access to reports?

You can change the dates in the download URL to allow you to download reports for particular date ranges from your own scripts.

Note that if you want to load this from a script then you will need to use a valid cookie when making the request.

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