If you intend to send a push notification, we advise that you use the New Portal. Instructions for this can be found here: https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/q0102c9w/articles/articles/3723117/show

Push notifications are designed to bring your customers right into the app to order. We recommend to keep them short (6-8 words), and add emojis to get your message across.

You can easily add emojis to your Flipdish push notifications.  As well as creating more fun, visual marketing messages, it's a great way to shorten your message to be seen clearly on a mobile screen.

Visit https://www.emojicopy.com/

Search for the emoji you wish to use e.g. fish 

Click on the image you wish to use and hit copy

Set up your Flipdish Push Notification as normal, and hit paste to add the emoji to your push note (CTRL + V OR right click and paste)

The end result? A fun, visual and concise push note!


Any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team for help on [email protected] 

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