Pre-GDPR it was acceptable to allow customers to passively opt-in to marketing using pre-ticked checkboxes and other non-explicit actions. 

GDPR requires that consent be 

  • given in an unambiguous manner -- it should be clear for what the consent is being given

  • freely given -- the customer should be able to freely give and withdraw consent easily without serious detriment to the customer if they opt-out

  • informed -- the customer should be made aware of who the data controller is, of their right to withdraw consent and the purpose of processing

  • given in a clear affirmative action -- the customer should opt-in independently of other actions and the option to opt-in should not take visual precedence over the opt-out option.

When customers open the app / website they will be shown a consent screen similar to the one below.

The Flipdish consent flow balances the requirements of GDPR with the needs of your business to market to as many as your customers as possible. The Flipdish consent flow is designed to maximize the level of consent given by customers while adhering to both the spirit and letter of the law.

The Flipdish consent request mechanism automatically detects which signup, loyalty or retention campaigns you have enabled (if any) and displays the best message to your customer.

For example, if you have a 25% discount set up for new customers, then all new customers will be shown a message letting them know that they should opt-in to receive this discount and other offers.
If you do not have a signup discount set up but have a loyalty offer set up (eg. "buy 10 get 1 free"), then a message about this offer will be displayed to the customer.
If you have no specific offers set up then a generic message about receiving offers will be displayed (and please get in touch with our customer success team to set up some campaigns - they really help increase sales!).

Once a user either opts in or out, this decision is recorded in our system. The customer can change their mind at any time as described here:

What happens if a customer opts out?

Customers who are opted out will not receive the retention SMSs. Their account will be flagged as opted-out of marketing.

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