You want to reject as few online orders as possible. Why? This will mean more money for you and a better experience for your customers. 

What to do when... 

Too Busy
Your own online orders are more profitable than traditional or food portal orders.  So if things get crazy, turn off your more expensive 3rd party ordering machine or take the phone off the hook! Doesn't it make sense to prioritize the orders that make you the most money? 

Or during peak times, accept the order from your printer with a longer customer wait time. Your customer has already made their biggest decision i.e. to order food from you, so most will be happy to wait rather than start a new order, maybe from one of your competitors! 

Food Unavailable
Sometimes you run out of things, it happens! The Flipdish Customer Support Team can help you hide menu items that are out of stock.

You are also able to hide missing menu items yourself from within the Flipdish portal. Read more here. Please contact our customer support team at [email protected] to request this access

Unable to Deliver
Please contact our customer support team on [email protected] if you need to temporarily turn off deliveries.

Already accepted the order? Call the customer and ask if you can offer them an alternative, most will agree. 

Need help? Please contact our customer support team on [email protected] for further guidance 

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