Each week you receive a Sales Report from Flipdish with a breakdown of all your online sales, overall fees, tips and credit due to your Flipdish account.

See example of sales report below:

Card orders: This is the figure for the total card orders for that week

Cash orders: This is the figure for the total cash orders for that week

Total orders is the total CARD ORDERS  for the week

The Credit / Money transferred to your account is:

Total Card order + any tips you have received - your fees = Credit to your account

Commission/Fees on your report

Your fees are dependant on the Commission rate for your store:

Card orders x Commssion % = card fees

Cash orders x Commission % = cash fees

The fees are charged excluding VAT, so if you are due to pay VAT, this would be added on and reflected in VAT on Fees

Fee adjustments show the change in fees for that week for example, if you are due a fee refund for any reason.

Refunded Orders:

If you ever see a sales report with Refunds for example. REFUNDED DISPUTED this is the description of an order that was refunded to the customer’s card as the result of a charge back. Read about charge backs here

Disputed refunds carry a dispute fee of €15. This dispute fee is shown in the Fee Adjustment section of the report. If an order is disputed and refunded, we refund the fees to your account.

For example:

Fee Adjustment:

The report above shows 3 disputed orders which have €45 dispute fees (€15 per dispute),

Fees refunded for disputed orders = €8.72 (calculated on individual order and added together)

Net Fee Adjustment = dispute fees - refunded fees

€45- €8.72 = €36.28

If you have any questions about your sales report or want further information about any refunded orders, please contact our accounts team:
[email protected]

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