Flipdish sends a SMS to your customer to confirm their order and share any applicable voucher codes. Why? 98% of people read their text messages, versus only 20% who check their emails. 

Our SMS system is very reliable, operating on a 99%+ deliverability rate. (yes we rock!)

Sometimes though there can be issues outside of our control that may cause a SMS not to reach your customer such as a network outage, or a customer in an area of bad signal.

If your customers are not receiving SMS messages, please ask them to turn their phone off and on again. This can often resolve SMS delivery issues to any single handset.

If this does not fix the issue for your customer, please contact the Flipdish customer support team on [email protected] with the customer's mobile phone number and a description of the issue.

Factors that can affect SMS deliverability:

  1. Routing

  2. Invalid phone numbers

  3. Mobile phone is switched off/unresponsive 

Text messages sent to customers are not always sent directly to the customer’s phone. If that network provider doesn't provide an automatic rerouting service, the delivery of the message can fail. This may result in the message never reaching the customer’s mobile phone.

The majority of mobile networks cooperate to ensure SMS messages route straight to a customer’s phone but unfortunately, it is not guaranteed. This is a common cause of text messages not being delivered properly.

Invalid Phone numbers
This is the most common reason that text message delivery can fail. If a text message is sent to an invalid number, it won't be delivered. It’s like entering an incorrect email address and expecting it to reach the inbox, it simply won’t happen.

Mobile phone is switched off/unresponsive
Similarly, if the mobile phone is switched off or is not responsive, it will not receive the SMS.

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