Your Flipdish menu comes straight from Lightspeed and all changes need to be made on Lightspeed first. In this guide, we walk you through the steps to update your Flipdish menu after you have made the changes on your Lightspeed Portal.

Navigate to the Flipdish Admin and login with your email and password you have to access the Flipdish App portal.

On the left, click on your restaurant. When a menu opens up, click on "Manage"

Scroll down on the new page that opens and you will see a button called "update menu from Lightspeed"

A successful update will give you an update log on the changes that have been made.

Lastly, go back to the Flipdish Portal and hide or unhide your items and options. Add images and descriptions and you are finished with your menu update.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Combo deals in Lightspeed are not supported by Lightspeed for online ordering

  • Menu categories are hidden by default

  • Menu items are visible by default (products in Lightspeed)

  • Menu option sets are visible by default (Modifiers in Lightspeed)

  • Category and Product names are reverted to the original Lightspeed name (if they were changed on the Flipdish menu)

  • Visible and hidden items are not affected by the update

  • Descriptions are not affected by the update

  • Images are not affected by the update

When no update happens, or when the update log says that there are no changes to the menu where changes are made please contact our support team.

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