Sometimes orders may not reach Lightspeed and will cause them to automatically-reject on the Flipdish portal. There is no simple answer on why this is happening but there are some things you can check yourself.

Connectivity issue

The most common reason is simply a connectivity issue. Make sure that your Lightspeed Lite Server and your Lightspeed POS are connected to the internet. The Lite Server light must be blue and not flickering. If it is off, you probably need to turn on your Lite Server, if it is flickering you can reset your Lite Server by pressing the reset button.

Manual added menu items

When you have added items to your Flipdish menu they are not synchronized with your Lightspeed POS. In this case Lightspeed will not accept the order and the order will be cancelled.

You can see in the "audit logs" section in the Flipdish Portal if there are any items added. Remove the items from your menu, add them to Lightspeed and update your menu. More about updating your menu from Lightspeed can be found in this article

Customer details have been changed on Lightspeed

If orders are rejected from a specific customer it might be the case that someone changed the customer details, in this case the customer has no First name or Last name. For Flipdish orders coming in the existing user will need to have a First name and Last name in Lightspeed. Flipdish automatically gives each new user a first and last name so this only happens when a change have been made to this user.

If you can't find the problem please contact our support team at [email protected] and have the order number and/or customer phone number ready, so we can look into this.

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