Nobody runs their business alone, which is why in the Flipdish Portal, you can invite teammates to your profile so they can help out with different things.

But, you don't necessarily want all teammates to have access to everything you have, which is why we've created appropriate permission levels that you can use when inviting your team. 

Here's a breakdown of what those permission levels mean, so you can give the appropriate level of access required. 


The highest permission level. Owners have full access to everything in Flipdish. They can

✅ Manage bank accounts
✅ Lock and unlock menus
✅ Send push notifications
✅ Change store opening hours
✅ Change website content
✅ Edit delivery zones
✅ Add teammates

Owners have access to everything and can easily take your store offline or change where money is sent, so be careful what teammates you bestow this level of access to.

Store Owner

Our highest store-level permission level. This level of access is best for individual owners of a store, as it gives them access to everything needed to run an individual store.

A Store Owner can
✅ Managing store opening hours
✅ Delivery zones
✅ Creating and editing menus
✅ Refunding orders
✅ Add teammates

A Store Owner cannot
❌ Update anything to do with banking
❌ View audit logs
❌ Change website content
❌ Block customers
❌ Unlock a locked menu
❌ Manage devices for that store (for example Terminals)

Managed Owner

A managed owner has limited access to account-level settings. They can make changes that affect all stores, but are restricted in some settings that could affect their long-term online presence. This level of access requires an owner (or Flipdish support) to make changes to the Flipdish account that could break things. 

A Managed Owner can
✅ View audit logs
✅ View (but not change) bank accounts
✅ Send push notifications
✅ Block customers
✅ Edit menus (if the menu is not locked by an Owner)
✅ Refund orders
✅ Add teammates

A Managed Owner cannot
❌ Change website content
❌ Edit a locked menu
❌ Change bank accounts
❌ Change store opening hours
❌ Create, edit or delete stores
❌ Edit delivery zones
❌ Create or delete menus
❌ Manage devices (such as Terminals)

Store Manager

This level of access is appropriate for a store manager or supervisor,.

A Store Manager can
✅ Edit an unlocked menu
✅ Refund orders
✅ Temporarily close stores (eg during a busy 1-hour period)
✅ Extend or disable a voucher

A Store Manager cannot
❌ View audit logs
❌ Block customers
❌ Send push notifications
❌ Edit delivery zones
❌ Create or delete menus (but they can make changes to unlocked menus)
❌ Add teammates
❌ Create vouchers
❌ Manage devices such as terminals

Store Staff

This level is most appropriate for members of staff responsible for every day tasks such as processing orders and managing deliveries. 

A Store Staff can
✅ View, accept and reject orders
✅ View end of day reports
✅ View Vouchers

A Store Staff cannot
❌ Edit a menu
❌ Refund orders
❌ View audit log
❌ Edit bank accounts
❌ Change website content
❌ Block customers
❌ Edit delivery zones
❌ Add teammates

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