If you are embedding Flipdish web-ordering onto your own website, it must be protected with SSL.
If you are using a Flipdish website, then you do not need to follow this guide, as Flipdish websites always come with SSL.

This guide explains one method of setting up SSL on your website, for free. It involves changing your nameservers.

Create a free Cloudflare account

  1. Visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/sign-up.

  2. Enter your Email address and Password.

  3. Click Create Account.

Once you account gets created you will be assigned 2 Name Servers (NS).

Set-up your domain on Cloudflare

Once logged in to your Cloudflare account, on your main page click on ADD SITE.

Enter your domain name (without www) and continue.

Select the Free plan and continue.

Cloudflare will now scan your domain settings or DNS records. On the next page you should see them all listed. If not, then you will have to add the ones missing manually.

Click continue. To enable Cloudflare, you need to change your existing NS to the new ones you have been assigned.

To do so, please log in to your domain registrar and change your existing NS. The changes may take a few hours or 1 day to take effect (depending on your registrar).

You will receive an email as soon as Cloudflare gets successfully enabled for your domain.

Set-up SSL settings

Under SSL/TLS tab, set SSL on Flexible.

On this same page, turn ON “Always use HTTPS”.

Under Scrape Shield tab, turn OFF Email Address Obfuscation.

Under DNS tab, click on the cloud next to your A record and CNAME to make it orange. The orange color means that Cloudflare is active. 


If your website looks broken when you visit it (caused by CSS, Javascript and image links no longer working)  you may want to turn ON ‘Automatic HTTPS Rewrites’ which is located under SSL/TLS tab.

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