Setting up the Terminal unit

Once you have the Terminal, follow these steps to set up in-store:

  • Boot up the unit by holding the small power button on the left hand side for 2-3 seconds.

  • Begin the setup.

  • Choose your preferred language.

  • Establish your time settings.

  • Select WLAN in network in order to set up your WiFi.

  • Click WLAN to be connected and enter the passcode (1234)

  • Select 'Start Config' once you have activated the device.

  • Wait while the app downloads completely. Do not skip this step as it will interrupt setup.

  • A PIN code should now appear on your screen (as shown below).

From here you can either log into the portal and attach the Terminal yourself, or if you'd prefer you can call up Flipdish, tell a support agent this PIN code and they will be able to immediately connect your new Terminal to the Flipdish system. After this you're fully set up and good to go!

The Flipdish Customer Support line numbers and hours can be found here.

Learn how to exit the Terminal app here.

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