If you ever need to close down or re-open collection or deliveries for your store, this can be done through your Terminal.

You can pause online orders on both the Flipdish Portal and the Flipdish Terminal. Learn how to do it on the Flipdish Portal here.

In order to close or open your store:

  • Click into the 'Stores' section on the left-hand menu.

  • Click on the option you intend to close / open.

  • Upon clicking whichever order type or types you wish to effect you will be prompted with several options. 

  • You can select one of the quick close options from here or input your own time value into the 'Other' Section. This will cease all orders for the allotted time. The store will automatically reopen once the specified time has been reached.

**Please note that should you wish to reopen the store before the chosen time, you can do that by entering the same screen and selecting to reopen the store. This will take effect instantly.**

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