In order to create discount vouchers of any type, you will need to go onto the Flipdish Portal. From here you will see a vouchers tab on the left-hand menu. This screen will allow you to see all of the ongoing vouchers for your store to date.

At the top of this box, there will also be a small check box named 'Show generated vouchers'. Ticking this box will allow you to view all voucher details from those that have been automatically created from loyalty schemes.

Creating New Vouchers

On the bottom right hand side of your vouchers screen there will be a pink '+ Add New' button. Selecting this will allow you to create any type of voucher you wish for your store.

Your first decision when selecting this option will be deciding whether you want your new voucher to be a percentage discount or a lump discount. The percentage option will allow you to give a percentage off an order (eg. 20% off any order) while lump will allow you to deduct specific values (eg. €5).

Upon selecting your voucher style you will then be able to alter the specifics of your voucher. Each section is as follows:

  • Stores: If you have access to multiple stores on your portal, your first option will be to select which stores that this voucher will apply to.

  • Voucher Code: The code that will be input in order to avail of the voucher

  • Description: What exactly the code is/is for. This section is entirely optional.

  • Amount: Either the percentage or flat value that the voucher will discount.

  • Voucher is Valid: The dates wherein the voucher code can be redeemed. You can select that the voucher can never expire from here.

  • Automatically Apply: If this toggle is turned on, the created voucher will automatically apply to every single order that it is valid on, without the need to input your code. If it is off, the code will need to be input manually.

  • Voucher can be used:  Your options in this drop-down are 'On any order' (can be used on every single online order assuming individuals know the code), 'Once Only' ( the created code can be used on one order ever and then will disable), 'Once per customer on their first order only' and 'Once per customer' (the code will track the individuals account and can only ever be used once per person).

Advanced Options

At the bottom of the voucher options screen, there is an 'Advanced Options' tab. These advanced options are as follows:

  • Takes Priority: This toggle will allow you to decide which voucher is automatically applied ahead of the other. For example, if a customer qualifies for both a 20% off first order voucher and a 25% off January sale voucher and they both automatically apply, the one which is toggled on will be applied and the other will be removed.

  • Voucher is valid on orders over: Here you can select the lowest price from which your voucher will apply. Ie if you only wanted your 25% voucher to apply on orders over €20 you would put €20 in this section.

  • Include delivery fee: This toggle will allow you to decide if the voucher is to be applied to the total including the delivery fee or not. If it is toggled off then

  • The voucher is valid for: Here you have access to two dropdowns in which you can choose what is included or excluded from the application of the voucher. Eg. Collection, delivery, cash or card. Whichever options you select here is what the voucher is permitted to apply to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the voucher also cover the processing fee?

A: If a user has a voucher which covers the cost of the food then the processing fee for the order will be 0.

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