Settings is the last option on the left hand pop out menu on the Terminal Flipdish app. Currently within settings there are four items which can be adjusted, with more intended to be released in future. The current four options are as follows:


This is the basic language setting you would find on any modern mobile phone, with options for English, English (USA), French, Dutch, Spanish and German.

Number of Prints

This allows you to select how many copies of receipts will be printed when you accept on order. This has options scaling to four print outs for ever order accepted.

Automatically Accept Orders

This toggle allows for your store to choose if you would like each order that comes through to be automatically accepted when it isn't done manually within 15 minutes. This is a great option to ensure you never miss an order due to being away from your terminal for whatever reason.

Receipt Font Size

This scroll bar will allow you to adjust the size of the writing on your printouts to whatever level suits you.

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