In order to send out a push notification to all of your customers who have opted into marketing, all you need to do it log into the new portal. From here select the 'Marketing' drop down from the left hand menu and then select 'Push Notifications'.

Now you will be presented with all of the options for your Push Notifications. Remember when typing your message that will be sent that only the first 40 characters will be seen on a phone's lock screen, so make sure to make them count! Also don't forget that you can add emojis to your notification by clicking the smiley face to the right of the text box. 😎

If you wish to set your notification to go out at a selected time rather than immediately, you can opt for this by toggling on 'Schedule push for later' and choosing the time you want it to send.

For more advanced customer segmentation and content rich push notes check out the Flipdish X Intercom Integration.

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