Kiosk settings can be accessed on the Flipdish Portal

Kiosk settings & setup

In order to adjust your store's kiosk settings, find your store in the 'Stores' tab of the left hand menu. From here select 'Store Kiosk Settings' in the menu provided.

The first step in setting up the Kiosk would be to add your store Logo. This appears within the Kiosk and if the store is part of a Multi-store Kiosk the logo will appear on the Start screen of the Kiosk.

Require customer name

All options from here down are toggle-able on a per Kiosk basis. This means you can have your tabletop Kiosks require different points of information compared to your Kiosks at the door or vice versa.

With Require Customer Name, the Kiosk will prompt customers to enter a name for the order, allowing easier serving of orders with large volume.

Request table number

This setting allows you to force customers to select a table number if you offer table service within the store. Customers will still be given a choice to 'Collect at Counter' but they will need to select the option specifically.

Offer Dine-In

The Dine-In setting allows you to ask the customer if they want to order for either Dine-In or take out. If this setting is disabled the Kiosk will default all orders to take out

You can read more about the Dine-In and Table Service offerings here

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