You may want to remove the option for your customers to order for ASAP, if customers are turning up for their collection orders too early, or if it is causing confusion in how long the customer should expect their order to take. By removing the ASAP option, it will give both your staff and your customer clarity on when they can expect their order for.

To turn off ASAP, login to your Flipdish portal

On your Flipdish Home Page, scroll down to choose your store,  selecting the cog wheel in the right hand corner of that store to access preorder settings. 

Go to preorder settings 

Tip: You will need to disable ASAP separately for collection vs delivery 

Click on the green button toggle to disable the ASAP ordering option. Changes save automatically.

If your change has successfully saved, the ASAP button should now look "greyed out" like this

Please remember if you want to disable this option for both delivery and collection, you need to do so separately. 

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