Any cardholder may dispute a payment with their bank, and the bank can then reverse the payment and charge a dispute fee. When this happens, the funds for that order plus the dispute fee (usually around $15/€15/£15) are deducted from your account.

There are various reasons for disputed to occur. The most common reasons are:

Stolen card

The customer's card was stolen and used by a criminal to place an order

Friendly fraud

The owner of the card placed the order (or allowed someone else to, with their knowledge), but tells the bank that they didn't use it.

Accidentally not recognising the transaction

The customer may not remember placing the order or may not recognise the payment description on their card statement.

Goods not received

The customer may accept that they placed the order, but state that they did not receive what they ordered.

What to do if you receive a chargeback

We recommend contacting the customer and asking the reason for the dispute. In cases of friendly fraud or accidentally not recognising the transaction, the customer may either contact their bank and cancel the dispute or can re-reimburse you directly.

If a dispute is received, the customer is automatically blocked from paying with card on the Flipdish platform.

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