Open up the Flipdish portal and navigate to Website -> Live editor.

You can upload multiple images here, which will be used on the image carousel on your home page.

About us sections

Here you can add some more images and information about your business.

Opening hours

You can optionally show your opening hours on your home page. If you have multiple stores, the opening hours for each store will be displayed separately.

You can enable a preview of a portion of your menu to display on your home page. If you have multiple stores with different menus, only one preview will be displayed on your home page.

With the gallery, you can visually showcase your stores and products. 


Let the world know that your customers love you by adding some testimonials to your website.

Contact form

If you would like to allow your customers to contact you from your home page, you can enable a contact form here. You will receive an email when the form is submitted.


Let your customers know where you are located in the world by enabling the map. 

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