Caution: If this setting is disabled, then all orders are automatically marked as accepted even if they are not sent to your store. This can be dangerous as you may not be notified of an order and the customer will not know that their order is not being fulfilled.

If you wish for orders to be accepted automatically on your Flipdish Terminal, then please enable auto accept on your Terminal instead of disabling "Require orders to be accepted."

You should consider disabling "Require orders to be accepted" only if:

  • You do not receive orders via a Flipdish Terminal

  • You do not receive orders via any integrations

  • You receive orders through email exclusively

  • You do not need to action orders immediately

How to change the "Require orders to be accepted" setting

  1. Go to "Stores"

  2. Select your store group

  3. Select which store you would like to enable this setting on

  4. Select "Order Settings"

  5. Enable/Disable the toggle labelled "Require orders to be accepted" 

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