Store general settings

Here we can set the address of the store along with the location on a map. This is important to ensure delivery zones correctly align and customers know how to get to the store for collection orders.

It's also possible to reassign the menu on this page by clicking the drop down and selecting another menu available within the "Menus" tab.

Opening hours

How to set opening hours

Store hour overrides

Going offline temporarily

Delivery settings

Delivery zones and fees

Collection settings

This page allows you to offer collection to your customers and allows you to edit the minimum order allowed for collection orders.

If this setting is toggled off, the store will no longer appear when a customers views collection, or if it's the only store in the group, no collection option will appear.

Customer payment

These toggles allow you to accept cash payments for the respective order type. If this toggle is turned off then customers won't be able to pick cash at checkout and they will be forced to use another method.

Order settings

This setting is explained in detail here.

It's important to fully understand this setting before making any changes as it can completely change the workflow for incoming orders.

If you wish to force customers to type a name while placing an order you can do so with these toggles. When the toggle is on, a customer without a name will get an error message asking them to enter a name.

If you would like to allow customers to leave tips you can toggle this setting on

This setting allows the printed receipts to follow all GDPR rules which are explained in more detail here

These toggles allow you to decide if you want customers to receive the estimated times within the confirmation SMS.

Store kiosk settings

Kiosk settings & setup

Preorder settings

Preorder settings explained


The banking section within order settings allows you to swap the bank account the store is assigned too. In order to add a new bank account you would need to go to the dedicated banking option on the navigation menu. More details can be seen here

Danger zone

Be careful here!

These settings have the chance to completely remove your store from the system, so be very certain before making any actions here!

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