To add Apple using cPanel first you need to log in to your cPanel Account. Then please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select File Manager

2. Select the directory public_html. This is the standard directory for your website. If you have the website files as a subdomain or an addon domain then please select the correct directory (folder).

3. Select Folder in the top left to add a new directory

4. Name the folder .well-known and select Create New Folder

5. By standard the directory .well-known will not be visible. Please select Settings on the top right of the screen

6. Select Show Hidden Files and then Save

7. Select and enter the directory .well-known

8. Select Upload at the top of the page

9. Select Upload to upload the file.

10. Find the file you downloaded named apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association. You can download the file here: domain association file.

11. Once the file has been uploaded Apple pay will be ready to be activated. Select Go Back to check that the file was uploaded.

12. You can see the file in the directory. Now please email [email protected] to notify us and we will enable Apple Pay on your website.

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