In order to enable Apple Pay using an FTP/SFTP connection please ensure you have the domain association file downloaded and follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your FTP/SFTP client and connect to your server. You should be in the root of your website, in essence the folder where the index file is. On the left navigate to where you downloaded the domain association file.

2. Create a new directory(folder) on the server. In FileZilla this can be done by right clicking on the server side and selecting Create Directory

3. Name the directory .well-known and select OK.

4. Enter the newly created .well-known directory by double clicking on it.

5. On the left, right-click on the domain association file and select Upload.

6. You should see the domain association file on the server folder. Apple pay is now ready to be activated on the website. Please email [email protected] to notify us and we will enable Apple Pay on your website.

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