You may be required to verify your account information so that we can accept payments from your customers and make payouts to your bank account.

Why do I need to verify my account details?

Updating information about your business is required to help protect against fraud and stay current with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Payouts to your bank account will be paused if your information is not updated and verified.

Who should complete verification?

Only those with sufficient permissions to edit banking details will be able to complete verification. In practice, this means that the Owner of the account on Flipdish is the only person who is authorised to complete verification.

How do I complete verification?

Please follow these steps to complete verification:

  1. Log in to the Flipdish Portal
    If you need to complete verification, you will see an alert on the Home page of the Flipdish Portal.

2. Navigate to the Banking page.

3. Click into the account that requires verification
If verification is required for a particular account, you will see a yellow warning icon beside the particular account

4. Choose your account type (if asked)
You may be asked to select your account type (company vs individual / sole proprietor). This is required to ensure that you complete the appropriate verification for your account.

5. Click on the button to “Verify with Stripe”

6. You will be redirected to Stripe

7. Fill out the form on Stripe

8. You will be redirected back to Flipdish once you complete the form

What information do I need to provide?

Required information varies by country. Once you get redirected to Stripe you will see all the information that is required for your account.

Typically Stripe will ask for proof of identity (e.g. passport) and proof of address (e.g. utility bill).

What happens if I do not have all the information available at that time?

You can always click ‘Save for later’ after being redirected to Stripe. You will be brought back to Flipdish and can pick up where you left off at any stage. Just remember to provide all information as soon as you have it.

What happens after I submit my information?

After you submit your information, you will be brought back to the Flipdish Portal.

You will see that your account is ‘Pending verification’. This means that Stripe is verifying your information.

How do I know when verification is complete?

We will inform you via email when verification is complete or if any additional information is required to verify your account.

Do I need to verify my details for each bank account?

Yes. Each bank account is separate. Therefore, you need to complete verification for each account that you want to receive payouts into.

Why and how is my data used?

Flipdish uses Stripe, a global, trusted payments provider for online payments. The data requested to verify your bank account is so that we maintain compliance with all relevant laws and regulations for your region.

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