What does the retention campaign do?

Flipdish Retention Marketing is an effective and automated way of encouraging customers who have not ordered in a while to reorder.

When enabled, the system sends an SMS with a percentage discount voucher code to any user that has not placed an order within a specified time period.

How to create a retention campaign?

Campaigns can be created on the Flipdish Portal by Owners & Managed Owners. Store Owners can view campaigns but they can not create new ones. See more on permission levels here.

Once logged in, select "Campaigns" on the left navigation bar.

To create a campaign, simply select '"Create a retention campaign" and a pop-up box will appear. If you already have campaigns and are looking to create another one, you can select "Add new" on the bottom right of the page.
A pop-up box will now appear with the fields needed to create your campaign.

The following fields now need to be selected:

Is the campaign enabled?

  • This lets you turn the campaign on or off.


  • Here you can select what stores are included in the campaign.

Send discount code after

  • This number is how many days must elapse before the system sends the Retention Voucher.

Amount of discount

  • Select the percentage discount you would like the system to send. We usually find 20% is the sweet spot.

Voucher will be valid for

  • Select the number of days you would like the voucher to be valid. This number can be up to 300 days maximum.

Does it cover delivery fees?

  • If this setting is enabled, the voucher will include the delivery fee in the discount when using the voucher.

Does it apply automatically to orders?

  • With this enabled, the voucher will automatically apply to the next valid order the user places without requiring them to input the code.

Modifying a retention campaign

To change a retention campaign that's already created, you can navigate to the "Campaigns" page and click "Modify" on the relevant campaign.

In this section you can modify all fields to your specifications after the campaign is created. These can be edited at any time.

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