Loyalty Campaigns

Loyalty campaigns are designed to keep your customers coming back. They reward loyal customers for repeated orders by providing them with a voucher code after they make a predefined number of orders. The voucher code can be redeemed for either a free meal or a fixed percentage discount off their next order, depending on the configuration of the campaign.

Retention Campaigns

Retention campaigns are designed to incentivise customers who are at risk of churning to order from your store again. Customers who have not made any orders with you for a specified number of days will receive an SMS message containing a voucher code that they can redeem for a discount on their next order, thus giving them another reason to order from your store again.

Who has access to these campaign settings?

The campaign can be added or modified only by Owners but can be viewed by:

  • Owners

  • Managed Owners

  • Financial Manager

  • Store Manager

  • Store Staff

  • Store Ready Only

How do I create a campaign?

  1. Log in to the Flipdish Portal

  2. Navigate to the Campaign page using the left-hand menu.

  1. Click on the ‘Add New button

  2. Select ‘Loyalty’ or ‘Retention’ campaign


Set values to required fields and save changes

Is the campaign enabled?

This field defines whether the campaign is enabled as soon as the campaign is created or not. If disabled, then you will be able to go back and enabled the campaign later. This is useful if you want to create a campaign in advance of a specific date but do not want to enable the campaign yet.


Select which stores you want to enrol in the campaign.

Give free voucher after X orders

Define the number of orders required for a customer to be awarded a voucher. If this is set to 10 orders for example, then the customer will be sent a voucher after their 10th successful order.

The voucher will be valid for X days

Define the number of days after being issued that the voucher will be redeemable for. Customers will be informed of their voucher expiry date in the SMS they receive when being awarded the voucher.

Does it cover delivery fees?

Define whether the voucher should also cover any delivery fees to the customer or not.

Does it automatically apply to orders?

Define whether the voucher will automatically be applied to the customers’ next order with you or whether they will need to enter the voucher code in order for the discount to be applied.

Include existing orders

This field is used to define whether any previous orders made by customers before the campaign was created should count towards their loyalty reward. For example, take a customer who has already made 3 orders with a store. Imagine we create a loyalty campaign which requires customers to make 10 orders before they receive their voucher code. If “include existing orders” is enabled when the campaign is created, then the customer will only need to make 7 more orders to be awarded a voucher.


Set values to required fields and save changed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can store groups be assigned to the campaign?

A: Currently, only individual stores can participate in campaigns

Q: Is it possible to have Loyalty and Retention campaigns at the same time for the same store

A: Yes, one store can participate in both campaign types and a user has to receive independent notifications

Q: When a user receives SMS notifications

A: For the loyalty campaign a user will receive an SMS with a discount with the orders confirmation message. And for the retention campaign, it can take some time between order placement and user notification

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