If you have implemented Flipdish Online Ordering on your own website, you might need to review your Privacy Policy in order to be sure that your website is compliant with GDPR.

Transparency and informing the public about how their data is being used are two basic goals of the GDPR. This article explains what is a privacy policy and offers a privacy policy template to help you comply with the law.

What is the Privacy Policy?

The Privacy Policy provides details of the way in which personal data is processed in line with the obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (No. 2016/679) (“GDPR”), the Data Protection Act 2018 and any other laws which apply to us in relation to the processing of personal data (collectively referred to as “Data Protection Laws”).

If you are a Flipdish-hosted website customer, your Privacy Policy will be updated by us.

If you embedded Flipdish Online Ordering on your own website, Flipdish provides you with a template privacy policy for your website. This sets out the ways you commonly process personal data where you use the default settings we have suggested. However, because you are primarily responsible for your own branded website and app, it is important that you check and confirm that the information contained in the privacy policy for your website and app is correct (or amend it as appropriate) as Flipdish is not responsible for this.

Why should you update (or upload) your Privacy Policy?

As a "controller" (jointly with Flipdish) of personal data of the end-users ordering online from you, you are obliged to comply with the regulations in place. In this case, it's GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 which applies across all the EU countries.

What is Personal Data?

Personal data generally means information that can be used to individually identify a person. Visitors to your online ordering platform powered by Flipdish will need to submit personal data which you and Flipdish collect for the purpose of taking and fulfilling orders.

You can find more information on GDPR related topics in our FAQs here.

We also have templates available for:

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