Flipdish Payouts

When do I get paid?

From Monday 12th October 2020, we will begin to accept online payments via Stripe Connect and will support daily payouts for all of our customers in Stripe supported countries.

This means that you will receive payouts for all orders on the next business day. See the table below to understand exactly when you will receive payouts for your orders.

Day of payment

Payout processed















Please note that orders placed via PayPal and Kiosks will not get paid out daily. These orders will continue to be disbursed on a weekly basis on Mondays.

For those whose bank accounts are not located in countries supported by Stripe, you will continue to receive payouts on a weekly basis on Monday.

Am I eligible for daily payouts?

To be eligible for daily payouts, you must complete verification with Stripe via the Flipdish Portal. If you are not prompted to complete the verification, it is likely that your bank account is located in a country that is not supported by Stripe.

For those who have completed verification via Stripe, we will automatically change you over to daily payouts. No action is required from you.

Why are we moving to daily payouts?

We understand that the majority of our customers have a preference to receive funds as soon as possible for online orders. Based on your feedback we decided to invest resources and make it happen!

When will the funds arrive into my bank account?

Typically funds should arrive into your bank account on the same day as the payout is processed.

Please note that it may take up to 7 days for the first payout via Stripe to arrive into your bank account. This is because Stripe conducts additional checks before making the first payout to an account.

What statement descriptor will be shown on my bank statement?

You will see “FLIPDISH” beside any payouts you receive from Flipdish.

What happens if a payout fails?

We will notify you by email in the event of payout failure. You will have to edit your existing bank account in the Flipdish Portal to update your banking details.

Please note that if you add a new bank account, you will have to complete verification again - so we advise that you edit your bank details instead.

Why is there a different payout schedule for orders placed via PayPal & Kiosks?

These payment methods are outside of the Stripe ecosystem. Therefore we are not able to facilitate daily payouts for these orders via Stripe. We will continue to pay you weekly for these orders on Mondays.

How do I verify my bank account information?

Check out our support article here: https://help.flipdish.com/en/articles/4304737-how-to-verify-bank-account-information

What happens if I do not verify my banking information?

If you do not provide sufficient information to Stripe, we will not be able to accept online payments on your behalf. You also will not be able to receive automated payouts from Stripe for your orders.

Can I get paid at a different frequency?

Unfortunately, we are not able to facilitate the selection of a different payout schedule at this time.

How do I pay Flipdish fees?

We will automatically deduct all Flipdish fees from payouts. No action is required by the customer.

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