Use the code generator to generate the embed code and find customization options.

Embed code generator

Click on the button below to use the embed code generator. Instructions on how to use it and the different customization options are below.

How to embed the ordering system

In order to embed the ordering system, please use the embed code generator above, copy the embed code and add it to the web page where you would like to display the ordering system. Please note that it does not function correctly when placed on the homepage and when placed further down on the page.

How to find the Flipdish App ID

  1. Log in to the Flipdish portal

  2. Copy your App ID. Your App ID can be found here

  3. Paste the App ID in the App ID field above

What is the light and dark theme

The Light theme has a white background and dark text, while the dark theme has a dark background and white text.

Space above the basket

The number entered in this field represents the number of pixels the Basket is moved down by so that the header or navigation does not overlap the Basket.

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