Knowing your customers is one of the most foundational principles in running a successful business, and the Flipdish portal can help you do just that.

In addition to our robust Order reporting module, the Flipdish portal shows you all of the customers who have placed orders at one or more of your stores, and gives you valuable metrics on each and every one of them. The goal of this article is to describe our Customer Management feature set & inform you as to how these metrics are calculated.

Where to find Customers in the Flipdish Portal

  1. Open a web browser & login to the Flipdish portal at

  2. Check the left-hand menu for an item named "Customers"

  3. Click this menu item to see the customer list.

Who can access Customers in the Flipdish Portal?

The customer list and detail pages are accessible by:

  • Owners (Full access)

  • Managed Owners (Full access)

  • Store Owners (Store-level access)

The customers shown in the list are restricted based on the portal user's access rights, so a Store Owner will only see customers who have placed at least one order at stores to which that Store Owner has access.

The Customer List

The customer list shows you all of the customers who have placed at least one order at one or more of your stores. By default, customers who have most recently placed an order appear first in the list.

5 columns are shown in the list:

  • Name/Phone

  • Order count

  • Total order value

  • Average order value

  • Last activity time

You can sort in ascending or descending order by:

  • Order count

  • Total order value

  • Average Order value

  • Last activity time

To change the sort order of the customer list, simply click on the heading of the column you wish to sort by.

Searching for Customers & Filtering the list

Users can filter the customer list in one of two ways: either by using the Store selector, or by using the search field.

The Store selector allows you to select individual stores, all stores of the same currency, or any subset of stores using the same currency. The order data displayed for each of the customers in the list will also be updated to reflect the selected filters, and will be calculated based on orders placed at only the stores selected in the filter.

You can search for a customer by either name or phone number. Simply enter your search query in the search bar and the list will automatically update to show only the customers matching your query. Partial matches will also be displayed.

The Customer Details page

The customer details page displays key information about individual customers who have placed orders with you. The page is comprised of 4 main sections: Overview, Journey, Contact information & Orders

Customer Overview

This section displays key high-level metrics about the selected customer, showing their order count, Total order value, Average order value & Estimated annual value

  • Order count is the number of orders that a customer has placed. Orders that the customer has canceled before they are either accepted or rejected by the restaurant are not included in this calculation.

  • Total order value is calculated as the sum of the value of all orders the customer has placed.

  • Average order value is calculated as Total order value divided by Order count

  • Estimated annual value is intended to be an indication of how much a given customer is estimated to be worth to your business over one year. We calculate this figure by looking at the customer's past ordering behaviour and approximating how much they are projected to spend if their past ordering behaviour continues along the same trend. Note: Only customers who have placed a minimum of 4 orders with your restaurant at least 6 days apart will have an estimated annual value calculated.

Contact information

This section is used to display contact information for the selected customer. Here you can find a customers' phone number & email address (if the customer has given their email as part of the ordering process).

Customer Journey

The customer journey panel details 3 major touchpoints between the selected customer and your business.

  • Registration date shows when a given customer first signed in to your online store

  • First order date shows when the customer first placed an order with you

  • Most recent order date shows the last time a customer placed an order with you

Customer orders

The orders table shows all of the orders that a customer has made with you, allowing you to see their most frequently used channel, when they placed their orders, any notes left on their orders, and much more. Clicking any row in the table will take you to the order details page for that order, allowing you to see what they ordered in even more detail, or refund an order as necessary.


Q: When is a customer considered "active"?

A: A customer is considered active from the last date they placed an order that was either accepted or rejected by the restaurant.

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