Your Flipdish menu items are manually mapped to the products from your PixelPoint database. Every time a new item is added to your Flipdish menu it needs to be mapped to the item on your PixelPoint POS. Mapping can be done by our support and menu team.

Need a new item online quickly? Please follow the below steps.

  1. Create your item in your PixelPoint Back office and take a note of the Product number

  2. Create a new menu item on your Flipdish menu and hide it immediately

  3. Email [email protected] and ask our support team to map the newly added item to the PixelPoint product number and make the item visible.

A few other tips

  • You can find your PixelPoint product IDs in the products section in your PixelPoint back office. By clicking on the torch, you get the full list of products in front of you, and here you can see the product ID. The exact product name works as well, but a product number is more specific and leaves us no room for error.

  • If an item is not correctly mapped, we use "Flipdish Open" as a product. On your Flipdish portal, you can find the item that is ordered. Please add this item to your POS and let us know, so that we can map this item.

  • Flipdish overrides the PixelPoint prices. Price changes can be done by yourself on the Flipdish menu and the price on your POS does not need to be changed

  • You can go ahead and add menu descriptions and images to your Flipdish menu

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