What is the Flipdish Sales Report?

The Flipdish Sales report is a summary of all the sales activity that has occurred over a period of time. We generate these sales reports each week and send one to you every Monday to report on the sales for the previous period. These reports are designed to give you a high-level overview of what sales activity has occurred in a store, and what you might expect your payout for the week to be. It should not be considered an invoice or financial document, we'll send you an invoice at the end of every month reconciling your total fees for the period.

What information can be found in the Sales Report?


This is the time period for which sales activity is being reported. Usually from the previous Monday to the previous Sunday. For example, a sales report generated on Monday the 30th would show all sales activity from the 23rd to the 29th inclusive.


The Revenue table is a breakdown of the income your store has collected for the period. We break this down into 3 categories; Online sales, Cash sales and Delivery charges.

  • Online Sales: This income refers to all sales paid for by any non-cash means. Debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and various other digital payments methods will be included here.

  • Cash Sales: Cash sales revenue refers to any orders that were placed where Cash was the chosen payment method.

  • Delivery charges: Refers to any income from Delivery fees on orders charged to the customer for the period. To learn more about creating delivery zones and delivery fees, check out this article

Revenue Adjustments

In order to accurately calculate any fees due for the period, we need to make sure we don't charge you on your total revenue. So the Revenue Adjustments table details any deductions for the period.

  • Refunded Sales: If you have refunded any orders during this period, you'll see the total value of those refunded sales here.

  • Vouchers including Campaigns: If any of your customers used a voucher on their orders, or redeemed any loyalty or retention campaign discounts, the total value of those discounts will be reflected here. Loyalty & Retention campaigns can be a valuable tool in keeping your customers coming back for more. To learn more, check out this article.

  • Cash Fees charged to Customer: Flipdish collects a processing fee from customers when they place cash orders. Since this is collected by your store on behalf of Flipdish, we deduct this from your revenue so that you do not get charged a fee on this amount.

Flipdish Fee Reconciliation

This section details how we have calculated your Flipdish fees for the period. In this section we break down the impact that Revenue Adjustments had on the Online and Cash sales for the period

  • Online Sales after adjustments: If any of the refunded sales this period were online, they will be deducted from the Online sales figure and the balance shown here. We'll also deduct the value of any vouchers redeemed in online orders here.

  • Cash sales for period: This value will show the sum of all cash orders after deductions for vouchers and refunds.

  • Cash Tax: The sum of all tax collected on cash orders in the period

  • Online Tax The sum of all tax collected on online orders in the period

  • Revenue after adjustments: The sum of Online Sales after Adjustments and Cash Sales after Adjustments

Now that we have calculated your earnings on which fees are due for the period, we can calculate your Flipdish fees:

  • Fees on online sales: Sum of all fees due for online orders in the period.

  • Fees on cash sales: Sum of all fees due for cash orders in the period.

  • Refunded Fees from Refunded sales: If any refunds have been processed during the period, Refunded fees will be shown here. This includes any refunds initiated during the period for orders made outside the reported period.

  • Total Flipdish Fee: The net fee due on all cash and online orders after any fee refunds for the period

  • Cash Tips: Any cash tips recorded on cash orders in this period

  • Online tips: Any tips recorded on online orders in the period

  • Sales after Flipdish Fees: Revenue after adjustments minus total Flipdish fees for the period

  • Expected Payout Amount: Your expected payout amount will be calculated based on your: (Online sales after adjustments + Online Tips) - (Flipdish Fees + Cash Fees charged to Customer)

Please note: the actual payout amount may differ slightly from the expected amount due to any manual charges due on your account for the period, or any outstanding account balance you may have.

Orders in this period

The orders table shows all of the orders that have been placed at the store in the given period. Both online and cash orders are included here

  • Order value - This figure shows the order value before any discounts and excluding the processing fee.

  • Delivery Charges - Refers to the Delivery fee on charged to the customer on the order. To learn more about creating delivery zones and delivery fees, check out this article

  • Tax; The total amount of tax collected on the order

  • Tips - Refers to any tips on the order

  • Voucher - The value of any vouchers redeemed on the order

  • Fees (Flat + Percentage) - Refers to the Flipdish fee you will be charged for the order. We calculate percentage fees based on the order amount plus delivery charge minus any voucher deductions.

Refunds in this period

The refunds table will show all refunds that have been processed in this period by the store. It may also contain orders that were placed outside the period, but the refund was initiated in the given period. You will see the accompanying Flipdish fee adjustment for the refund here as well.

Disputes in this period

This table will contain all of the chargebacks that have been initiated in this period. This table may include chargebacks on orders that were placed in a previous period, but the dispute was only opened by the customer in the given period.

How we calculate the Flipdish fee due on an order

We charge order fees based on a flat rate + percentage basis. The fee is due on the value of the order plus delivery fee after any discounts applied.

For the sake of example, let's assume a flat rate of $0.50 + 9% on a given store.


Assuming an order value of $32.70 with delivery charge of $2

Total order value: $34.70

Flipdish fee = (34.70 * 0.09) + $0.50 = $3.623

How we calculate your expected payout amount

Expected Payout Amount is calculated as:

(Online sales after adjustments + Online Tips)

- (Flipdish Fees + Cash Fees charged to Customer)

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