In order to receive your online orders into your Lightspeed POS, you will need to connect your Flipdish account with Lightspeed. In order to do so there are a few things you need to configure and provide us with, such as the Server Location and your Lightspeed Company ID. This guide will walk you through the process.

The setup in this guide shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes.

Category Setup

First set up a new category and name it "Flipdish". Uncheck the visible box as you will not need this on your Lightspeed Tablet. If you want to easily differentiate your regular categories and the Flipdish Categories you can choose to change the image to the Flipdish logo. You can find our logo here

Discount and Service Charge setup

Now we can navigate to the Products tab and go into the Flipdish category. In this category, we will configure the Flipdish Discount, Processing Fees and the Delivery fees.

Note: All 3 items need to be set up regardless if you do delivery or not

Add Discount:

  • Name: Voucher


  • Visible: Unchecked

  • Discount Types: Reduction Ticket (Customers based in US/CA use Reduction Current)

Add Service Charge:

  • Name: Processing Fees


  • Visible: Unchecked

  • Open Price: Checked

  • Service Charge Type: Fixed Price

Add Service Charge:

  • Name: Delivery Fees


  • Visible: Unchecked

  • Open Price: Checked

  • Service Charge Type: Fixed Price

Payment setup

The last part of the Lightspeed setup is to create a Flipdish payment method and add a description to your Cash payment type. If Cash is missing, please create one.

Note: The payment type can have another name. The descriptions must have the exact description and are case-sensitive

Navigate to your Payment Types and create and/or adjust them as below.

Add/Adjust Payment

  • Name: Cash

  • Description: Cash

  • Type: Cash

  • Visibility: As per your preferences. Checking the box makes the payment type visible on your iPad POS.

Add Payment

  • Name: Paid online

  • Description: Paid online

  • Type: Card

  • Visibility: As per your preferences (advised to uncheck this checkbox). Checking the box makes the payment type visible on your iPad POS.

Server Location & Company ID

In order for us to allow you to connect your Lightspeed POS with Flipdish, we need your Company ID (this is not your Account ID) and the Server Location. Please email your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] with your Restaurant name, Server location and Company ID. In addition, it would be helpful if you can provide with the below information in advance as well.

  • Lead times for Collection and Delivery

  • What price type you want us to use from Lightspeed (Default, takeaway or Delivery)

  • If you have a collection and delivery table setup that we need to assign the orders to

You can find your Company ID on any of your reports. In this example, we choose the "Day Reports" in other reports the Company ID might be called "Company unique identifier"

The server location is the first 4 digits on the URL when you have logged into your Lightspeed account. In this example the server location is EUW3, other possibilities are, but not limited to, EUW1, EUC1, EUC2, NAE1, NAE2, NAW1.

Connect Lightspeed & Flipdish

Now that you have completed the Lightspeed setup and have provided Flipdish with your Company ID and Server Location, the Flipdish team is now ready to set up our end of the integration. The team will reach out to you with further instructions on how to authenticate the connection between Flipdish and Lightspeed. When the connection is made you are integrated and the Flipdish team can pull your menu from Lightspeed.

Please know that your Lightspeed categories and products within those categories are a 1-1 copy so your Flipdish menu reflects your Lightspeed Categories/products within the categories.

Want to know more about your Lightspeed integrated menu? Check out our Update your menu from Lightspeed guide.

If you need any help with the setup please get in touch with us.

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