Vromo enables you to manage all your deliveries from one single place. Whether you are a Delivery company without the tools to manage your deliveries or a restaurant owner with your own delivery drivers Vromo can help you manage your delivery drivers and automate deliveries for you. In the Vromo Dashboard, you have a range of settings and rules to set up to fully automate your deliveries and automatically assign new delivery jobs to the nearest available delivery driver. Thanks to the Delivery Driver app from Vromo you can track your drivers in real-time and make adjustments to the assigned jobs if needed.

Once the integration with Vromo is enabled all your Flipdish orders will be automatically added as a job in Vromo. Depending on the rules you have created those orders can be assigned to a driver and dispatched automatically

What it does

  • It automatically adds delivery orders to your Vromo system for job creation

What it doesn't do

  • It doesn’t arrange a driver for you if you don’t have any drivers

  • It does not accept or reject your Flipdish orders

Orders received in the Vromo Dasboard

Orders assigned and completed in the Vromo driver app

How does the order flow through the systems?

The integration works in a way that it will only trigger orders that are accepted for delivery. All your collection orders will be ignored by Vromo and you can handle them as you used to do.

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