The BBPOS Chipper 2X BT is a compact card reader designed to take card payments with the Flipdish Kiosk via contactless or swipe. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to connect to the Kiosk.


  • Security: The Chipper is EMV-certified, which makes payment data more secure and reduces liability for any potential fraudulent charges.

  • Speed: The Chipper typically processes transactions 3x faster than traditional magstripe readers on the market, meaning your customers spend less time waiting in line and overall higher Kiosk throughput.

  • Reliability: EMV transactions are more reliable, seldom requiring a second swipe/tap, meaning a smoother experience for your customers.

Getting Started

Each reader will come with the following components:

  • Reader - this is what you will present to the customer to pay for the card, through swipe (magnetic strip), dip (insert the card to read the pin), or contactless tap (such as Apple Pay).

  • USB charging cable for the reader

  • Lanyard to hook onto the reader so you can wear it around your neck

  • Double-sided tape if you’d like to keep the reader in a fixed spot

Follow these steps in the following sequence to set up your reader:

  1. Charge the reader: Connect the USB cable to the reader's MicroUSB port and fully charge the reader. the reader LED will flash alternating red and magenta lights as it's charging, and then a solid green when it is fully charged.

  2. Turn on the reader: The reader LED will start to flash blue.

  3. Pair with the Kiosk application: Confirm the Kiosk device's bluetooth and location services are on. DO NOT pair the reader via the device's bluetooth setting page. It MUST be paired with the device from within the Kiosk app itself.
    - On the home screen of the Kiosk app, press and hold the Flipdish logo in the bottom right hand side of the screen until the logo changes colour from blue to black
    - Slide from the right hand side of the screen to expose the developer tools menu
    - Select 'Toggle Settings' from the menu
    - Under 'Integrations', select 'Stripe Terminal'
    - Select the Chipper device from the list. It will be named "CHB" followed by a string of numbers.
    - Status should change from "Connecting" to "Connected"
    - Tap "Close" in the top right of the screen

  4. Confirm the reader is paired: The reader emits a steady blue LED light when it is successfully paired to the device. You should also see icons for VISA & Mastercard appear in the lower left of the home screen when card payment is available.

Note: When the reader is connected to the device, its status light shines steady blue . If inactive for more than 30 seconds, it enters standby mode to conserve power, and the status light begins flashing blue at 5-second intervals. The reader stays connected to the device while in standby and automatically exits standby mode when you resume activity. You should stay close to the reader, usually within 10 - 20 ft, in order to stay paired.

Collecting payment

  1. Kiosk app will guide users through the payment process. Make sure your reader remains connected by leaving it powered on.

  2. Once the Kiosk app is ready to collect payment, the reader will be ready to accept a card that is inserted, tapped, or swiped.

  3. After collecting the card details, the app will process the transaction and let the customer know if it was approved. This might take a few seconds.


I can’t turn on the reader.

Ensure the reader is charged. Check for physical damage to the reader and that the reader’s LED light flashes between magenta and red when charging. If the reader still won’t turn on, reach out to support and we may need to supply a replacement.

I can’t connect the reader to the Kiosk application.

  • Confirm the reader is powered on, charged, and not connected to another device. The reader’s status light should be flashing blue.

  • Ensure that the reader was fully disconnected from any previous device using the Kiosk application directly, rather than taking the reader out of range.

  • Ensure that the reader was not previously paired to a Kiosk device via the device’s Bluetooth settings. Go to Bluetooth settings in any previously paired devices and “Forget” the device.

  • Confirm the reader is in-range of the Kiosk device (usually 10-20 ft).

  • Ensure that Location Services are enabled on the Kiosk.
    To enable Location on the device: Go to Settings > Location > Switch toggle to enabled position.
    To enable Location permissions in the app: Go to Settings > Apps > Select the Kiosk app & enable Location Services.

Troubleshoot the reader / device’s Bluetooth connection:

  • If the BBPOS is in a holster or case, attempt to connect to the reader without the holster or case.

  • Attempt to connect to the reader with the iOS’s WiFi settings turned off. This will indicate if WiFi instability is interfering with the ability to connect to the reader via Bluetooth. If the connection succeeds with WiFi turned off, then take one of the following approaches to resolve: Move closer to the WiFi access point to reduce WiFi interference or Reset the WiFi router to a 5GHz band to ensure 2.4GHz band (shared by Bluetooth) isn’t too crowded

How do I refund a transaction?

Orders can be refunded via the Flipdish Portal.

I’ve tried diagnosing steps above and it’s still not working.

Perform the following checks:

  • Make sure the reader is up to date.

  • Ensure Location Services are on for the device, as GPS location coordinates are required for payments to succeed.

  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on in the device settings

  • Always connect to the reader directly from the Kiosk application. Do not connect via device settings

  • Always disconnect from the reader directly from the application before connecting it

  • Keep readers charged. Readers should last for ~10 hours of standby use. If the reader's battery is low, the LED light will flash red.


How often should I charge the reader?

With typical usage you should charge the reader once a day. A fully charged reader can run ~1000 transactions on a single charge.

How do I turn off the reader?

The reader automatically turns off after 10 hours of inactivity. To turn off the reader manually, press and hold the power button until the status light goes out.

What do the LED lights mean?

LED Light



Reader is off

Flashing blue every second

Reader is on and ready to connect to a device (Will turn off after 5 mins)

Flashing magenta, orange, green

The reader has been discovered and is ready to connect

Steady blue

Reader is connected to the Kiosk

Flashing blue every 5 seconds

Reader is in standby mode

Alternating red and magenta

Reader is charging

Flashing red

Reader battery is low

Steady green

Reader is fully charged

Flashing blue and orange

Reader is finished installing a software update. If the reader is unresponsive after the update completes, restart it by turning it off and on using the power button on the side of the device

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