The Flipdish to Oracle Micros RES 3700 POS integration is an excellent way to streamline your Web, app and kiosk ordering to your existing point-of-sale. It reduces errors in the ordering process and saves time as orders do not need to be manually added to your POS.

The Customer journey remains the same. Customers will still receive their notifications from Flipdish via SMS. Order lead times are automatically set to 20/25 minutes for collection (Monday to Thursday / Friday to Sunday) and 45/55 minutes for Delivery (Monday to Thursday / Friday to Sunday). You will receive the orders according to the standard lead times before the time the order is requested for.

What the integration can do?

  • Create new users in the POS when they make an order through Flipdish apps, web, and kiosk ordering solutions..

  • Reuse and update existing users in the POS when they make an order.

  • Insert all orders received through Flipdish directly into the POS

  • Supports the use of pre-order functionality

  • Supports the use of order throttling functionality

  • Customisable extended lead times can be added to every order through the Flipdish POS app.

  • Supports Guest Service Solution module

What it doesn't do?

  • It does not take your on-site sales in to your Flipdish portal.

  • It does not add products from your Micros Back office automatically to your Flipdish menu.

  • Refunds carried out on-site must also be refunded via the Flipdish portal.

  • Only Vouchers or discount codes created in the Flipdish portal are supported under this integration.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Reduces the number of touchpoints for orders that are received into the store.

  • Reduced time for staff as no double entry is required.

  • Frees up valuable counter space as your Flipdish terminal can be removed.

  • Easier staff training as the orders are inserted directly into your POS.

  • Combines your online sales with your in-store reporting.

  • Ingests all orders from your Flipdish apps, web, and kiosk ordering solutions.

How does the order flow through the systems?

When a customer places an order, the Flipdish system communicates with an application that is installed on your POS system, this application (Flipdish POS app) will be installed by your reseller or with the help of the Flipdish team. The Flipdish POS app communicates with your POS software and then depending on your settings pushes the order to your POS immediately or, for example, 20 minutes before the order is requested for.

All of this is happening within seconds and is fully automated. There is no need to keep an eye on the Flipdish portal for incoming orders or use the Flipdish terminal to view and accept orders. Please note that you must have a Oracle transactional services license to allow the system to receive orders from external sources.

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