Your Flipdish menu items are manually mapped to the menu items from your Micros database. Every time a new item is added to your Flipdish menu it needs to be mapped to the item on your Oracle Micros RES 3700 POS. Mapping can be done by our support, integrations and menu team only.

Need a new item online quickly? Please follow the below steps.

  1. Create your item in your POS and take a note of the menu item object number

  2. Contact your integrations coordinator or [email protected] and ask our support team to map the newly added item to the Micros menu item object number and make the item visible.

  3. DO NOT create the item on the Flipdish menu before contacting Flipdish as unmapped items will not reach your POS correctly and may also cause automatically rejected orders.

A few other tips

  • Items that are not mapped correctly I.E. have been added at POS level but not mapped at Flipdish level will fail to register with the POS. Flipdish automatically refunds the difference in order value to the customer.

  • It is crucial that menu items are mapped fully from the POS. New items added to the POS should also be added and mapped at Flipdish level before being released to ordering.

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